Bulgarian delegation studies e-Government (eAMA) solutions at AMA


The Bulgarian Ministry of Finance is a partner in the project “Meeting the challenge – How to effectively support public administration reform through ESF funds”, run by the transnational learning network (which includes Poland, Greece, Lithuania, Romania and the Czech Republic). Working together with this project team, the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance is responsible for its e-government strand.

Two experts from this international project today visited AMA in order to study AMA’s e-government application, eAMA. Throughout the day, AMA experts from different technical departments, including IT, presented and discussed with the guests what eAMA has to offer to its clients and why it is such a well recognized and useful portal.

The guests were particularly impressed by the fact that AMA’s first steps in e-government had already taken place in 1999 – with the RinderNET application – with its online services having been consistently developed and improved since then. Today, about 60% of Austrian livestock owners submit more than 75% of all notifications (4.3 million per year) online via the eAMA portal.

The two e-government experts from Bulgaria and the Czech Republic with
Bettina Diem (middle) from AMA, presenting eAMA’s RinderNET application.