EU Twinning: 3rd Steering Committee Meeting successfully held


TWINNING AGRIFOOD - 3rd STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING held on 27 May, 2021 in an online meeting

The objective of the Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting was to give an overview on the activities implemented in the reporting period February – April 2021 and its results achieved.

The Austrian Project Leader Ms. Sonja Schalud, Chair of the meeting, stated that in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic situation all the project work could be performed in high quality. 

In the Food Safety sector, quality and marketing standards for eggs, poultry meat, honey, beefs, pork and dehydrated milk were reviewed with respect to harmonisation with the EU Acquis.

In order to open the door to export of animal products to the EU, the official control procedures and checklists developed by ANSA were reviewed by the Twinning experts. It was concluded that they are generally in line with the EU legislation. 

A number of activities were also performed in the agricultural sector related to AIPA and MARDE. In particular the currently ongoing application process for animal premiums was supported by the Twinning process. Other project activities were related to the development of the NARDS 2030.

 The next PSC meeting III will take place on September 2, 2021.