Expert talks with the Paying Agency SZIF from the Czech Republic financed by the EC


During a two day expert exchange in beginning of December, 4 experts from the Czech Paying Agency SFIZ discussed the definition of small and medium sized enterprises and its specific treatment as well as the practical implementation of the measure “technical assistance” within the Austrian rural development programme.
The main goal was to exchange expertise gained through the practical implementation of the technical assistance in Austria and in the Czech Republic as well as the experience with the ownership of small and medium sized enterprises receiving investment support.

During the first meeting organised with experts from the AWI (Austria Wirtschaftsservice)/ ERP fund as its administrative unit, the experts discussed in detail the definition of small and medium sized enterprises concerning rural development measure implementation, its ownership and legal definition based on the EU regulation (EC) No 800/2008.

ERP fund, Ms. Mitteregger and experts
from SZIF


Experts from the Paying Agency
SZIF, Czech Republic The expert meeting in the Managing Authority within the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management was dedicated to all requirements, legal background and specific conditions related to the technical assistance measure implementation.

Experts from the Austrian Ministry of
Agriculture and SZIF experts

The expert talk in AMA was dedicated to receive an overview on the technical assistance measure and get acquainted with its administrative procedures presented by the head of unit for rural development.