Experts from Polish Paying Agency in Warsaw visited AMA


10 experts from the Polish "Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture" (ARMiR) visited AMA in order to change know how and to discuss topics relatied to the implementation and administration of Rural Development measures in Austria.

During the 5-day work shop, experts mainly from AMA presented and explained the administration of Rural Development in AMA (including database), the existing administration and on-spot control, the regular inspections by internal audit department and how to deal with complaints concerning Rural Development applications.

Besides the theoretical presentations, a one-day field trip to different farms at Waldviertel was organised to discuss with the beneficiaries and to get a better picture about the Rural Development investments in Austria on-spot.

The visit of the Polish experts from the Paying Agency should result in a further fruitful cooperation between Poland and Austria in the field of agricultural administration.

The Polish Delegation together with
AMA experts in an AMA training room