First Study visit of Moldovan experts from the Agency for Intervention and Payment in Agriculture (AIPA) to Austria organised under the Twinning Project MD 14 ENI AG 01 16


The first Study Visit under the Twinning Project “Capacity building of the Moldovan Agency for Intervention and Payment in Agriculture (AIPA) for the application of EU norms and standards for the administration of ARD support schemes" was performed from Monday, 16th October until Friday, 20th October 2017.

During this visit to Austria, the experts from AIPA received detailed information in the field of internal audit, communication, reporting, legal topics and quality management in AMA.

On the first day, the experts got an overview of the structure, tasks and activities of the internal audit service in the Austrian Paying Agency AMA. The AMA experts presented the organisation, general role and responsibilities of IA in the Paying Agency as well as the audit planning, execution of audits and Anti-Fraud Management within AMA.

The second day was dedicated to present the tasks and activities of the communication unit as well as the organisation and execution of the internal and external reporting, financial reporting of the Paying Agency.

The visitors program further included a presentation of legal tasks in AMA like the organisation, general role and responsibilities of Legal Department including the legal coordination with the specialist departments in AMA, the procurement procedure and the appeal management process.

The experts of AIPA also visited the Federal Administrative Court and received an overview of the organisation and tasks of the Federal Administrative Court as well as the interaction between AMA and the Federal Administrative Court.

On Friday, the electronic archive of AMA including detailed information of all its functions was presented. The study visit was concluded by a presentation on quality management and document management in AMA.