High officials from RIFA Romania visiting AMA, 16th to 20th February 2015


Under the framework of the European founded project “Increasing competitiveness of the RIFA personnel”, a high ranking delegation from RIFA, the Rural Investment Financing Agency, visited the Austrian Paying Agency AMA and governmental institutions in lower Austria dealing with the implementation of rural development measures.

The experts visited the Austrian Chamber and the Provincial Government in Lower Austria to exchange their experience and to discuss topics related to the implementation and administration of investment and diversification measures in Austria.

Chamber of Agriculture, Lower Austria

Provincial Government

The Romanian experts received a detailed explanation on risk analyses, sampling and data mining for the selection for the on the spot control.

AMA experts showed the administration of Rural Development investment measures, the specifications for on-the-spot control – work flows and the electronic data processing.

On the spot visits to the regions of Bucklige Welt and Waldviertel were organised to give best practice examples of investments in different sectors including production facilities and equipment.

Goat cheese production Mandl

Sheep farm Strobl

The one week visit was concluded by a feedback discussion with Romanian professionals and AMA experts. The General Manager of RIFA underlined the importance of this expert exchange which supports the employee’s competiveness and the institutional capacity for the implementation of the National Rural Development Program in Romania.