KEP Austria approves AMA project for Moldova


93 proposals were submitted under the KEP AUSTRIA Call for Proposals 2013 of which only three projects were approved on 4 March 2013.
One of it is AMA’S project “Support to the Agency of Interventions and Payment for Agriculture (AIPA) of Moldova”
AMA will transfer know-how and Austrian best-practice to the Moldovan Agency AIPA in the field of EU-like financial support schemes and methodology in Agricultural and Rural Development administration .
The main technical challenges which AIPA faces today and which should be further aligned with EU principles of administration are the following:
  • Financial administration
  • Rural Development investment project administration
  • On-the-spot control of agricultural support schemes
  • Internal Audit
  • Registers (farm register, LPIS, I&R)
When running this project, the Austrian and Moldavian partners are convinced to establish a long lasting relationship which includes regular know how exchange and cooperation with the aim of further development, improvement and simplification of processes in the Agricultural Payment Administration.