Mr Vasile Bumacov, Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry of Moldavia, visits AMA


On a short trip to Austria, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry of Moldavia, Mr Vasile Bumacov, visited AMA today. A presentation was given, illustrating AMA’s tasks and responsibilities in the field of the Austrian agricultural administration, IACS and Rural development administration.
Minister Bumacov was very interested in administrative details, since under his management a small Paying Agency in charge for Rural Development investment projects has been established and is already operational. It was agreed that further support – in particular the Twinning programme – was needed for the Moldavian agricultural administration and that AMA’s best practice experience would be very welcome in supporting Moldavia’s alignment with EU policies.


The Moldavian team at AMA, from left
to right: Interpreter Mr Theodor Granser,
the Minister of Agriculture and Food
Industry, Mr Vasile Bumacov, H.E.
Ambassador Mr Valeriu Chiveri and the
Embassy’s first secretary, Ms Angela