Study visit from the Moldavian Agricultural Information Centre from 10 till 12 December 2013 to AMA


Based on a bilateral cooperation with Moldavia, the Director of the Agricultural Information Centre (AIC) and other experts from different departments visited AMA to get acquainted with the Austrian system in the field of market and price information AMIS and AMPIS for agricultural products.

During the visit, the AMA experts presented the system for cattle registration, the legal base, the database with its linkages of the eama system users and the quality assurance system.
Another topic in the programme was dedicated to the geographic area identification in Austria LPIS / GIS and its legal aspects.
The visitors program further included a presentation on the centralised farm register as part of the integrated administration and control system (IACS) and its challenges ahead concerning the establishment of a common platform “Agrarportal” of all relevant stakeholders.

The participants showed particular interest in the risk analysis for the OSC (on the spot control), its selection criteria of the control sample and the data management based on the IACS system.

The study visit was concluded by a presentation on ISO standards 27001, 27002 and 20000 and the main requirements for the risk assessment and risk treatment.

Moldavian AIC experts with Mr.
Janos Vas

AMA and AIC experts