Study visit of the Director General from the Moldavian Paying Agency, AIPA and experts from other agricultural organisations


The Director of the Paying Agency AIPA Mr Petru Maleru, the director of the Agricultural Information Agency Mr Ruslan Ciobanu and other experts from different departments visited AMA on the 27 and 28 November 2013.

The whole visit was dedicated to the information technology department in the Austrian Paying Agency AMA.

During the visit, the AMA IT experts under the newly appointed head of department Mr. Walter Plieseis presented the structure, software and its development, the hardware, the databases including the security system as well as the recently implemented IT tool, i Top.

Our Director General Mr Günter Griesmayr and the Director Mr Petru Maleru of AIPA took the opportunity to further strengthen the excellent collaboration between the two organisations and discussed its continuation in the near future in the field of Internal Audit and IT strategy involving other agricultural institutions.

The second day was dedicated to become familiar with the ISO 27000 standard in the light of IT implementation.

The two day visit was concluded by a feedback discussion between the Moldavian colleagues and experts from AMA, who performed missions to Chisinau under this CEI project. The Director General Mr Petur Maleru underlined once again the good collaboration and the huge benefit from the expert’s recommendations provided.

Director General Mr Petru Maleru
(first from the right) and Moldavian