Workshop with Turkish experts from the Paying Agency in Ankara took place in AMA


The Turkish Paying Agency "Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution" (ARDSI) in Ankara plans to implement an electronic archive system. In order to collect know how about the relevant functional and technical requirements, a group of 10 experts visited AMA to get acquainted with the AMA system and to discuss possible solutions for the Paying Agency in Ankara.

Experts from AMA demonstrated the developing process of the currently existing electronic archive system and explained in detail the different components of this system.

Interesting discussions occurred, since the Austrian solution of an electronic archive system was developed and implemented in-house by AMA software engineers. Usually existing standard software is used for such archiving systems and so our experts could give an isnside view to the questions of our Turkish guests.

The group spent in total 3 days in Austria and the experts could collect useful and interesting information, which might be usful for working out the specific requirements for their future electronic archive system of ARDSI.

The Turkish Delegation and AMA experts
at the AMA entrance