Summary Sheet

Development of a System of Wines with Geographical Indications - CEI Project

Beneficiary Institution:
Albanian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection

Member States:

Member State Institutions:
Agrarmarkt Austria

Project Start: 01.07.2011

Duration: 6 month

Budget: 75,000 EUR

MS Project Leader:
Ms. Michaela Pichler

Department of International Cooperation of Agrarmarkt Austria

Project Summary: 
Since the EU wine sector has been reformed pursuant to the new common organisation of the EU market in wine, significant changes have taken place. The reform of the Common Wine Market Organisation in 2008 gives greater importance to wines with geographical indication. A completely new system of protection of origin has been established: Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indications (PGI). This new system replaces the existing system of European quality wines produced in a specified region.

Establishing and controlling such a PDO and PGI system constitutes a new challenge for every wine growing country, not only EU-members but especially for those preparing an accession. The new system influences all aspects of a wine sector like vineyard register, harvest- and stock declaration, oenological practises, labelling right, subsidies policy, control system, consumer expectations and so on. Taking this into consideration, it can be stated that the introduction of a PDO and PGI system would be the basis for a successful future wine sector.

It is therefore very important for every country preparing its accession to see how the EU has planned to fully implement this new PDO and PGI system in all Member states, taking into account differences in PDO and PGI system approach between Member states.

Therefore, this project aims to improve the knowledge of all institutions and administrative staff dealing with the wine sector in the recipient country to finally better manage the wine sector, especially with reflect to the preparation of the EU accession.