Summary Sheet

Preparation for implementation and management of agricultural and rural development policy in Kosovo

EU Twinning Project Number:
KS 2008/IB/AG01 

Beneficiary Institution:
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development of Kosovo

Member States:
Austria in cooperation with Hungary and Slovenia

Member State Institutions:
Agrarmarkt Austria in cooperation with
Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management
Austrian Agricultural IT Competence Centre for Agriculture
Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics

Project Start: 19.08.2009

Duration: 21 month

Budget: 1,500,000 EUR

Short Term Expert Input: 954 working days

MS Project Leader:
Franz Patschka

Department of International Cooperation of Agrarmarkt Austria
Contact: franz.patschka@ama.gv.at

Rudolf Moser

Department of International Cooperation of Agrarmarkt Austria
Contact: rudolf.moser@ama.gv.at

Overall project objective:
To facilitate and to stimulate economic growth in Kosovo by restructuring the agricultural, food, forestry and rural sectors through development and implementation of reformed agricultural and rural development policies.

Project purpose:
The project purpose was to strengthen the administrative capacity of the MAFRD to undertake short term sector priorities and market-orientated reforms including carrying out the coordination, monitoring and management of rural development funds available through the national ARDP 2007-2013 and future IPA Rural Development Component.

Component I “Gap analyses & creation of a road map”
• Road map/ action plan including a timeframe for the future IPARD implementation available  

Component II “Policy making and implementation; RD programming, monitoring and evaluation”
• Series of seminars for regional authorities, representatives of authorised stakeholders, NGO`s and other interested groups carried out
• Recommendations for updating the RD programme
• Trainings on policy making and policy implementation performed
• Draft guidelines prepared

Component III “Setting up institutional and administrative structures”
• The process of setting up institutions is supported.
• An institutional training plan is elaborated and training of staff has been carried out.
• Relevant legal acts are drafted/harmonised

Component IV “Financial administration & IT”
• Description of an integrated database system for governing financial identification is available
• IT concept available

Component V “Management of pilot measures”
• At least two pilot measures are defined
• Guidelines and procedures for implementation of pilot measures available
• Information campaign carried out