Summary Sheet

Support to establish an IPA Rural Development Programming and Implementation System

EU Twinning Project Number:
MN 2008/IB/AG01 

Beneficiary Institution:
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Montenegro

Member States:
Austria in cooperation with France and Slovakia

Member State Institutions:
Agrarmarkt Austria in cooperation with
Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management
Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance
The Provincial Government of Lower Austria
Austrian Chamber of Agriculture
Austrian Agricultural IT Competence Centre for Agriculture
European Recovery Programme-Fonds (ERP)
Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics

Project Start: 01.02.2010

Duration: 25 months

Budget: 1,500,000 EUR

Short Term Expert Input: About 880 working days

MS Project Leader:
Franz Patschka

Department of International Cooperation of Agrarmarkt Austria

Sonja Schalud

Department of International Cooperation of Agrarmarkt Austria

Overall project objective:
To enhance the rural development of Montenegro in line with the requirements of the Stabilization and Association Process, and the adoption of the acquis communautaire.

Project purpose:
To help create the institutional, strategic and legislative setup required for the MAFWM to implement rural development policy in line with the demands of the rural development component of the Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPARD).

Component I “Preparation of an IPARD Programme in line with the European Commission rules”
• The IPARD Programme is ready for submission to the Commission (month 17 from the project start)
• The capacity within MAFWM for strategic decision making in agriculture policy has been developed ,staff resources calculated, job descriptions prepared, completed by month 6 from the project start
• MAFWM prepared for playing its role as Managing Authority and ready for accreditation, completed by month 10 from the project start
• National legislation and secondary legislation of IPARD compliant with the relevant Rural Development acquis communautaire adopted, completed by month 12 from the project start
• Procedures for IPARD measures implementation prepared
completed by month 17 from the project start

Component II “Setting up an accredited Montenegro IPARD Agency at national level”
• IPARD Agency is prepared for the the national accreditation process at month 20
• IT system installed, tested up and running, completed by month 20 from the project start

Component III “Dissemination of information and transfer of know-how to the beneficiary institution staff”
• Practical trainings of the staff of the rural development institutions is carried out, completed by month 18 from the project start
• The involvement and information of agriculture stakeholders on Rural Development Policy and initiatives is increased, training and information material with relevant topics regarding IPARD measures and application for final beneficiaries in sufficient number provided,
completed by project month 18 from start of the project
• The project is reviewed and evaluated at the end of the project