Summary Sheet

Assistance to Managing Authority of the Serbian MAEP in negotiation and accreditation of the IPARD 2014-2020 Program

EU Twinning Project Number:

Beneficiary Institution:
Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection (MAEP) of the Republic of Serbia

Member States:

Member State Institutions:
Agrarmarkt Austria in cooperation with
The Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management

Project Start: 16.04.2015

Duration: 8 months

Max. Budget: 230,000 EUR

Short Term Expert Input:  213 working days

MS Project Leader:
Mr. Franz Patschka

Head of International Cooperation, AMA


Overall project objective:
The overall project objective of this Twinning light project is to assist the preparation of the Serbian Agriculture and Rural Development Sector for the implemenation of the EU´s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

Project purpose:
The project purpose is to strengthen the institutional capacities of Managing Authority of the Serbian MAEP in order to implement the Rural Development component of the Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPARD) [Council Regulation (EC) No 1305/2014].

Result 1.1
IPARD II Program negotiated and prepared for accreditation

Result 1.2
Relevant national standards/derogations, related to approval of applications and payments, updated and all technical bodies of IPARD II Program consulted on potential national constrains and bottlenecks as regards application of national standards/derogation from national standards

Result 2.1 
Manual of Procedures and related documents for Accreditation finalised in line with EU requirements

Result 2.2
MA staff prepared for the assessment of the external evaluator (auditor) in the process of National Accreditaion

Result 3.1
Training Plan related to National and EU standards and IPARD promotional activities for Advisory Service elaborated and executed

Result 3.2
Guidebook for beneficiaries of IPARD II Program, related to National and EU standards and IPARD promotional activities, elaborated and presented to Advisory Service