Agricultural Market Price Information System (AMPIS) for cereals

Module: Setting up an Agricultural Market Price Information System (AMPIS) (collecting, processing and dissemination of prices) for cereals and the necessary knowledge about the cereal market in the country embedded in the national administration system

Content of the documentation:

Product specific methodology, the characteristics, methodological parameters of AMPIS,

  • Institutional, Information Technology and administrative background of AMPIS,
  • Background Information to the Agricultural Market Price Information System, AMPIS,
  • Transformation of the delivered price data to the processed data, a methodological description about the calculation steps in Austria,
  • Correct determination of the marketing stages as defined by the Management Committee for cereals of the Direction General – AGRI of the European Union


The following documentation is composed of the manuals which are in use during the projects to establish AMPIS in the accession countries of the European Union by the expertpartner Mr. Janos Vas from Austria (contact on the last page). It means that this document is only an introduction in the Agricultural Market Price Information System. At the real introduction of AMPIS a comprehensive and sustainable work is required.